Checkout Exclusive Promos at Face & Body by Runchana

Checkout Exclusive Promos at Face & Body by RUNCHANA

Vanquish ME Fat Reduction


Vanquish ME Fat Reduction is an advanced high-tech procedure performed to help reduce fat in the midsection of the body and thighs. This noninvasive technique carries none of the risks of infection or side effects of liposuction or other forms of surgery. Vanquish focuses on the fat stores in the abdomen and love handles and/or thighs and successfully destroys targeted fat cells without harming the skin or nearby tissues. Vanquish is not a weight-loss technique.

Patients typically lose two to four inches of stubborn belly fat that has not responded to a healthy diet and exercise routine. No anesthesia is necessary when undergoing treatment with Vanquish and patients experience no pain.

Vanquish ME Fat Reduction

The Vanquish ME Fat Reduction Procedure

Vanquish uses a Selective RF™ system that delivers radio-frequency energy directly to the targeted fat cells. This heats and destroys the fat cells only, without affecting the skin or any surrounding muscles or tissues. Patients are positioned on a treatment table and the Vanquish device is directed toward the intended area of the abdomen,or thighs but does not touch the body. Patients may feel a sensation of warming, but no pain or discomfort is associated with this procedure.

A treatment session typically takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. No downtime is necessary after a Vanquish procedure, and patients can resume their normal daily activities immediately.

Vanquish ME Fat Reduction Results

While a noticeable slimming around the abdominal area/thighs does begin to appear in the first few days after a Vanquish treatment, the results become even more substantial over the course of the following weeks as the fat cells are eliminated from the body. Optimal results generally require multiple sessions. The number of treatment sessions may vary by the individual, but typically goals are met after four treatments. The results are long lasting as well, and will remain in place in those patients who maintain a steady weight

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