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Checkout Exclusive Promos at Face & Body by RUNCHANA

Microneedling 101: A Few Reasons You Should Try It


People sometimes get the wrong idea about cosmetic treatments and beauty procedures. They may think that these treatments are just all about altering a person’s appearance. Although it can be for those people who want to change their appearance, it’s also for people who want to enhance and revamp their existing features.

If you want to enhance your beauty and restore your appearance’s glow, microneedling is the best procedure. Here are some reasons you should get microneedling:

Microneedling Can Be Applied For All Skin Types

Microneedling is about improving and enhancing your skin’s appearance and texture. All people, no matter what age and gender, with different skin types, can get this procedure. It is used to lift and tighten the skin, reduce discoloration, and reduce pore size. Do not be worried if you have very oily or dry skin. Whatever your skin type, you will still gain the benefits of microneedling. 

Microneedling Is Not A High-Risk Procedure

Unlike many cosmetic procedures, you’re less likely to see and feel harmful side effects with microneedling. The only risk you should be worried about this procedure is if you do it all by yourself or without a professional. Remember that cosmetic procedures are still medical procedures, and they’re supposed to be done by legitimate professionals.

Microneedling Is Not Too Invasive

If you’re a very busy person, a long recovery time might not suit you. With microneedling, you don’t have to worry much about the recovery times because it isn’t an invasive procedure. You can come in, have it done, and then go straight off to work or your next plan. 

Microneedling Can Heal Other Parts Of Your Body

Because this is a cosmetic procedure, most assume that it is only beneficial for the face. However, the good thing about microneedling is that it is also used to fade scars and stretch marks all over your stomach, thighs, breasts, arms, or anywhere on the body. Microneedling is a procedure that helps the body heal itself by increasing the production of collagen and sending it out to the treated area.

Microneedling Is A Fast Procedure

Microneedling doesn’t take too much time since it is a minimally invasive procedure. As soon as you are scheduled for treatment, your cosmetician will make you feel comfortable by applying a numbing cream to your face or skin. That way, the needles won’t hurt. After the treatment, which can take about thirty minutes, you can go back to your normal routines.

Microneedling Is A Natural Procedure

If you’re not fond of the idea of surgery, microneedling is the best cosmetic choice you can make. Microneedling can trigger our body’s healing senses and naturally produce collagen, which will give your face a natural and youthful glow.


Cosmetic procedures do not have to be invasive or extreme. There are also existing procedures that are mild and less complex, such as microneedling. Microneedling is good for your skin’s natural healing process. In addition, it will give you a fresh and youthful glow.

Are you planning to get microneedling? Face & Body by Runchana specializes in microneedling, facials, non-surgical facelifts, chemical peels, and more! So, if you need to get the best microneedling in NYC, book an appointment now!

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