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Checkout Exclusive Promos at Face & Body by RUNCHANA

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Many of us have areas of the body that we wish were different. It could be the shape of our nose, the curve of our hips, or even excess body fat. While diet and exercise can certainly help remove a great deal of fat, there is undoubtedly a time when the last bit of stubborn fat simply refuses to leave the body. For these times, people regularly turn to fat reduction services to help eliminate the appearance of a few extra pounds. Not all fat reduction has to be invasive, and the team at Face ad Body by Runchana is happy to offer a range of non-invasive fat reduction services to help you achieve the look and feel you long for. Liposuction surgery does not have to be the only answer to remove excess and unwanted body fat.

One of the best ways to remove extra body fat is with a technique called Lipomassage. This is a technique that utilizes a combination of rollers and suction. An FDA approved device is rolled over areas that have excess body fat. The rollers work to spread out and flatten areas and pockets that are made of additional fat. To remove extra body fat, the machine also has a suction device. As the excess fat is rolled out, the suction pulls the fat upward, before evenly distributing the fat throughout the body evenly. This can not only help to remove extra body fat, but it can help to create a smoother looking appearance to the skin. This technique is a wonderful option for all areas of the body, however it is most popular on the buttocks, legs, and stomach.

Lipomassage has other benefits too. Not only is this a non-invasive treatment option to remove cellulite and excess body fat, but it is an excellent way to help sooth and restore tired and sore muscles. Lipomassage works best when combined together in consecutive treatments. The team at Face and Body by Runchana has Lipomassage packages available to allow you to take advantage of special package pricing. Our packages begin at 10 sessions, and go up to 50 sessions. Not only will your excess fat disappear with each subsequent session, but the cost per session is greatly reduced the more you elect this service. If you are searching for “Lipomassage near me” the team at Face and Body by Runchana has your answer. Our team is not only trained and experienced using this innovative, FDA approved technology, but we are professional and caring, striving to exceed our customers expectations with each and every treatment and service provided.

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