Checkout Exclusive Promos at Face & Body by Runchana

Checkout Exclusive Promos at Face & Body by RUNCHANA

IV Drip

What is IV Drip treatment?

Intravenous (IV) therapy is the fastest way to give your body the nutrition it needs. The process allows the vitamins to go right into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive process, to give you faster, more effective results. This can be done to achieve any end-goal: rehydration, replenish your vitamins, combat muscle fatigue, boost immunity, increase energy and even anti -aging

What are the benefits of IV Drip Therapy?

You might be wondering “How can IV nutritional therapy help me?” The benefits of IV vitamin therapy are many!

As discussed above, nutrients traveling through the digestive system can have many interruptions or problems. Healthy eating sometimes isn’t enough for optimal nutrient absorption on its own. Because IV vitamin therapy bypasses this system, 100 percent absorption of the vitamins and minerals can be achieved.

For this reason, vitamin IV therapy can correct micronutrient deficiencies. This improves the overall nutritional status of an individual, allowing for the relief of many symptoms.

So, does a vitamin IV Drip actually make you feel better?

IV vitamin therapy benefits are likely to vary from person to person. The benefits will depend on the health status of the person as well as the number of other factors.

OUR MegaBoost IV Drip benefits include:

Beauty / Anti-Aging Drip (ADD ON)





Our beauty drip (ADD ON) includes adding Glutathione. Glutathione levels in the body may be reduced by several factors, including poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and stress. Its levels also decline with age. Glutathione is actually one of the most powerful antioxidants. This is sometimes described as the ‘master antioxidant’ in that it is so powerfully effective at keeping things running well as to be essentially more important than all other types of antioxidants.

Is IV nutrient therapy safe?

Nutritional IV therapy is safe when administered by a qualified practitioner who has completed the certification course and knows how to calculate the osmolarity of the solution being administered.

Our practitioner at Face and Body by Runchana have completed the relevant qualifications to be able to administer IV vitamin therapy safely.

Who can benefit from nutritional IV therapy?

Everybody can benefit from vitamin drips! Today, most people are under chronic stress, not getting enough sleep or adequate nutrition, and are feeling run-down, tired, and in pain. Vitamin IV therapy is a great way to address any deficiencies in vitamins or minerals and reach optimal nutrient levels and hydration status.

In acute cases, vitamin IV therapy is a great tool to treat migraines, headaches, colds, flu, jet lag, seasonal allergies, morning sickness during pregnancy, fatigue, and hangovers.

Mental health could also be improved with IV vitamin drip therapy if the issues are related to deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals.

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