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3 Culprits Behind Unexpected Cellulites and Skin Looseness


Modern beauty accepts all shapes, colors, textures, and sizes, but waking up with loose skin and cellulitis that appeared out of nowhere often brings plenty of women concerned over their appearance. The good news is that no matter how sudden the cellulitis made itself known, it’s a normal condition that does not indicate being overweight and gaining excess fat. 

What is Cellulite? 

It’s easy to think that cellulite is hardened fat, but it’s more like dimples in your skin that form when fatty tissues below pull and tether the skin that connects to your muscles, creating lines that often mark the female body. It’s not a health concern that should make you worry, so any efforts to remove cellulite will purely be for cosmetic reasons. 

Several factors contribute to the growth of cellulite, and while there are still no clear reasons, things like sex, genetics, sun exposure, and lifestyle have the biggest impact on cellulite formation. It can develop in three grades: 

  • Grade 1 – known as the mildest form of cellulite, this takes an ‘orange peel’ appearance and appears as loose skin. 
  • Grade 2 – these are deeper depressions made on the skin, creating a ‘cottage cheese’ appearance. 
  • Grade 3 – cellulitis can also take on deeper depressions and spread across the body, creating a ‘mattress’ appearance. 

Other than signs of aging, some factors may also contribute to the “sudden” development of cellulite, such as the following: 

Reasons Behind Your Cellulite Beyond Age and Genetics

1. Lack of Muscle 

Sitting around all day with little-to-no physical activity can leave your skin loose, especially as time moves on. Whether you gain or lose weight, your skin can still create dimples, but exercising can do wonders for tightening your skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

2. Poor Nutrition 

The skin is the largest organ in the body, which means it can easily reflect your health. Consuming processed foods daily can cause the skin’s tissues to form together due to the metabolites and other toxins in your system, so improving your eating habits is another way to mitigate cellulite. 

3. Dehydration

The human body is mostly made up of water, so failing to stay hydrated can leave more room for the toxins in the body to build up since it’s not being flushed properly. Taking eight glasses or more of water a day should assist your body in metabolizing fat, allowing you to expel toxins and prevent cellulite. 

The Bottom Line: Understanding Your Cellulite and What You Can Do About It

Cellulite can do a number on a person’s confidence, especially if it gets to a point where the depressions are too deep. While all bodies and their imperfections are beautiful in their unique ways, if it’s causing you an emotional toll, it’s best to seek proper beauty treatment from reliable skin care therapists in town!

Are You Looking for the Best Anti-Cellulite Massage Therapist in NYC?

Dealing with loose skin and the sudden appearance of cellulitis can be frustrating in more ways than one. We can help restore your natural beauty as our skincare therapists at Face & Body By Runchana are fully dedicated to addressing your skincare needs, so you can find comfort and confidence in your own skin!

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