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Clearing up 5 Common Myths about Acne


Acne can be irritating, painful, and unattractive—and unfortunately, it’s an issue that’s all too common in teenagers and young adults. Approximately 8 in 10 of all people experience breakouts at some point in their lives. It’s not just a one-time issue either, as it often recurs unexpectedly in most individuals. It also can have long-term effects, such as facial marks and scars, which can be equally distressing for many people. 

Over the years, people have spread rumors and misconceptions about this common skin condition. There are countless ill-informed tips and pieces of advice out there that don’t work or may even make things worse. With this, we’ll clear up some of the most common myths about acne.

Myth #1: Washing Your Face Frequently Can Clear up Your Acne

The most prevalent and harmful misconception about acne is that it results from not washing your face enough. Although facial hygiene is essential for clearing up excess dirt and oil on the skin, doing it too much can cause further damage.

Washing your face once or twice a day is often enough to get its benefits. Any more than that, and you’ll risk drying out and irritating your skin, resulting in more breakouts. Also, be careful not to scrub your face too much, as doing this will also cause irritation.

Myth #2: Popping Pimples Helps Remove Them Faster

Although it’s always tempting to pop prominent bumps on your face to make them less noticeable, this practice does more harm than good. Pushing on the skin can lead dead skin cells, oils, and bacteria further into the skin, which causes further irritation. 

Squeezing out a zit or pimple is the number one way to get an acne scar. If you don’t want to damage your skin further, avoid popping them and simply clean your skin with suitable products instead. The zit will go away in time.

Myth #3: Makeup Causes Acne

Some cosmetics have a knack for clogging pores and causing breakouts. However, this is not always the case. You may opt to choose makeup that’s noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic, which means they likely will not cause acne or other skin problems. Talk to your healthcare professional if these products irritate your skin or cause issues. They may recommend specific brands or give you advice on what not to use.

Myth #4: Sunscreen Will Always Result in Acne

Like makeup, many people avoid sunscreen because they fear getting breakouts—but this leaves the skin exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun! Chemical sunscreens can cause heat bumps, but ones that use physical agents like zinc oxide are generally safer for the skin. 

Myth #5: Use More Acne Medicine If Breakouts Don’t Go Away

Oftentimes, using acne medicine is not enough to treat the condition. Many people try to use more of the products to achieve better results, but doing so will likely lead to overdrying and further irritation. It’s best to follow the doctor’s directions and supplement your treatment with procedures like microneedling.

Visit a Skin Care Therapist Today

Acne is a skin problem that many of us face, but believing all the misconceptions surrounding the condition can do more harm than good. By keeping these common myths in mind, you can better care of your skin and deal with the issue. If you want to take your skincare further and achieve better results, it’s best to visit a professional.

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